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10 ideas to get your business noticed ...on a budget

You have a killer idea, product or service and have turned this into a business. Your focus now is to get your business “out there” with the limited budget and resource you have.

One of the hardest things Entrepreneurs
all over the country face is getting their voice heard and their products in
the minds of their customers in amongst everyone else.

Below is a list of 10 inexpensive
activities you can do to raise your profile for yourself and your business.


1.       Network

This is particularly
important if you are in the Consultant or Service industry as people buy from
people. One connection you make could lead to repeat business for many years.
Networking is great for building your profile and becoming the go to person in
your area. Don’t forget to carry your business cards with you everywhere you
never know who you will meet. Also have a short 30 second speech prepared (your
“elevator speech”) covering what you can do for the person you’re talking to,
and why you are different to everyone else who does it.


2.       Send a mail shot

underestimate the power of a good old fashioned letter or mail shot. If you
have a contact list already then great, put it to work for you. If not, you may
need to purchase one (for which we suggest you work closely with your chosen
vendor to ensure you purchase the right list for your needs).  People receive lots of eblasts in their Inbox
each week, but how many people receive a personal letter? You will generally
have more luck getting the letter directly to your recipient if you handwrite
the envelope.

Utilise your email signature

Do you have your
social media URLs all added to your email signature? Have you won an award that
you could add? Are you exhibiting somewhere soon? This is an opportunity to
remind people how great you are and what you are all about. It would be
beneficial to add your marketing message or USP (unique selling proposition) here


Social Media

a.       Set up Facebook

Research shows that consumers are more likely to buy from a
person/company if they have a social media presence. A 2014 report from Hubspot
reveals “Specifically, 95% of
Millennials expect brands to have a Facebook presence. Also, 87% of Gen X’ers
(30- to 44-year-olds) and even 70% of those ages 45 to 60 think brands should,
at the very least, have a Facebook page”1. If your focus
is B2C (Business to Consumer), you might want to think about creating a
Facebook page. Post relevant news and updates your customers will be interested
in, and don’t self promote too much, you will turn them off.

Reference - Hubspot: The Social Lifecycle


b.      Twitter

Twitter is a great tool for networking and building
relationships. If you use the List feature you can also develop more targeting
Twitter Campaigns.


c.       LinkedIn

Showcase your
expertise by publishing articles, blog posts and giving educated comments to
fellow members

d.      Google

Once your website is up and running, go to Google My
Business (
to register your business and ensure your customers can find you. Once you have
followed these steps, ask some of your clients to write a review for you.



Evidence based
marketing is incredibly effective in raising your profile. Get a variety of
testimonials that highlight different elements of your business. You can
utilise these on your website, on social media, and you can also develop them
into case studies.


Develop a co-promotional partnership with another organisation

The more people
talking about your business, the better. If you are a Graphic Designer develop
an offer with a PR Consultant or a Marketer. If you are a Fitness Instructor
develop an offer with a Nutritionist. You have the same type of customers and
your businesses complement each other, therefore allowing you to expand the
“chatter” on the streets without the need for costly resource.


Enter Awards

Whenever you
can, enter awards. This is free publicity and even if you don’t win, you will
be moving in another set of circles and more people will hear about your
business. Plus, it adds credibility.


Develop an Offer, Competition or both

If you make wedding
cakes, offer FREE delivery to the first 5 people who buy a 3 tiered cake. If
you sell jewellery, offer a piece for FREE. If you are a Consultant, offer a
referral scheme to fellow business owners.


Help others

Help other
people and their businesses and the favour is likely to be returned. If someone
has a problem and a little advice from you will resolve it, help them.
Introduce people at networking events who you think may be able to do business
together. Being selfless and caring will be remembered.

Listen to your customers

By developing a
customer-centric approach you will ensure you continue to deliver what your
customers need. They can help you with messaging, product development, branding
ideas. Your customers will give you the most helpful insight.

Blog supplied by Tina Marshall - Founder of Creating Sense Ltd, a Marketing agency focused on Strategy, Innovation and Application. Access the same skills and experience of a large corporation, at a fraction of the cost. 

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