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It's all about the brand

Brand is to business what location is to property.

With property, they say that the most important factor is location; with your business it's your brand. The value of your brand is phenomenal. When someone makes the decision to work with you, it's because of your brand; when they collaborate with you, buy from you, talk about you, recommend you and pay for what you sell, it's all about your brand.

What is a brand?

There are so many misconceptions in relation to branding and what it really means. Often people think of a brand in terms of visuals: a logo, uniform, a website. However brand is first and foremost an emotional experience. An experience that is congruent with your business. People will remember the part of the experience that meant most to them for whatever reason.

The importance of brand stories

The importance of stories in branding cannot be emphasised enough. Having a brand story that just says you are good at what you do, is like me telling you that I can tell the time. It is seen as a given, is utterly unmemorable and is certainly not much of a story.

However, relevant and interesting stories about your business not only help define and differentiate your brand, they are also memorable and can be spread with ease by your fans.

Your build-in brand strategy

If you are working on things that you are passionate about you are more than halfway there. Your business project has a built-in brand strategy; that is your essence, your passion and your purpose.

Your brand already exists within you - tell your story and you could start a brand epidemic.

Copyright © 2016 Penina Shepherd, entrepreneur, lawyer and founder of Acumen Business Law; she is also the author of business bestseller The Freedom Revolution.

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