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Why offline marketing should be part of your digital marketing strategy

If the contradiction in our title has you scratching your head, we can’t really blame you… how can offline marketing become part of a digital strategy?

Well, while
your digital marketing strategy is certainly going to be harnessing all things
internet, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to start factoring in the physical,
offline world. 


marketing tactics have been around for a long time, and the fact that they’ve
survived the digital revolution should tell you something about just how
important they still are. The key is not to consider these two marketing tools
as separate sections of your campaign, but rather as integrally linked elements
which work together to ensure the best chance of success.


 The Guerrilla Marketing Stunt 


marketing stunts are exciting and fresh, making them perfect for appealing to
young audiences – although there aren’t many people who can resist the appeal
of a spontaneous flash mob or a yarnbombing campaign.


In terms of
an internet marketing strategy, the key is to use your marketing stunt to drive
customers online – make your website or social media address the centre point
of whatever wild and wonderful stunt you choose.


Who is it
best for? Companies that need to attract companies to their website and develop
a buzz around their social media branding. 



 The Networking Event 


Yes, you can
network on LinkedIn – but we don’t believe that you can strike the same
connection that you’ll make in a face to face meeting. If you’re hoping to
build relationships with other industry sites in order to share resources,
outreach articles, and find people who can promote your site to their own


At a
networking event, you get the chance to share your expertise, demonstrate your
passion, and meet people who will see you as more than a name behind a



Three: The Offline Investigation 


What is an
offline investigation? Well, it means heading out into the real world to gather
up exciting information, images and finds to share on your blog or social media
account. This means that, rather than
 using recycled stock images or graphics, you can use images and
stories that tell your customers about your company’s real experiences in the


This is
perfect for creative industries, since it
shows some flare, but any small company can benefit from the personal touch.


this article has shown you how you can use offline marketing not just to
complement your internet strategy, but as an integral part of it. Even though
the internet is at the helm of business strategies, successful businesses need
to implement both online and offline strategies to maximise their demographic
and appeal to the masses.

Quality Formations provide a variety of business and company formation solutions for
start-up companies, meaning that new businesses can make the most of their
potential quickly and efficiently.

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