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Cornwall Council confirms Airport Development Fee will end from March 2016

Cornwall Council has confirmed it is to cease the £5 Airport Development Fee (ADF) levy currently paid by passengers flying from Cornwall Airport Newquay next year as part of a package of measures to help encourage new airlines to fly from the airport.

Following the introduction of the Public Service Obligation service there has been a 16% increase in the number of passengers using the Newquay to Gatwick route. At the same time there has also been a more general increase in the numbers of people using the airport.


Announcing the removal of the ADF, Adam Paynter, the Council’s Cabinet Member for Resources, said that this increase in passenger numbers had resulted in higher revenues which had, in turn, led to a reduction in the current level of subsidy provided to the airport.  As a result the Council had taken the decision to remove the Airport Development Fee from the end of March 2016.

“We want Cornwall Airport Newquay to play a greater role in supporting businesses and provide more opportunities for people in Cornwall to take advantage of the services it provides” said Adam Paynter.  
“With the significant growth we have seen in the use of the airport over the last two to three years, together with the subsidy continuing to fall year on year, the time is now right to remove the ADF and build on this positive momentum.
“Removing this charge will encourage more airlines to come to Newquay, giving passengers the opportunity to access more routes, including, potentially, the opportunity to fly direct to the Mediterranean. We know that currently around 370,000 passenger journeys travel from the Airport’s catchment to other airports to fly to these destinations. Providing more opportunities at Newquay will reduce the need to do this in the future, saving passengers both time and money”. 
“This will, in turn, help increase passenger numbers, provide new jobs and open up new international markets for businesses in Cornwall. 

Al Titterington, Managing Director of Cornwall Airport Newquay, said 

“A number of airlines we make proposals to have stated that the ADF is a barrier to introducing services from the Airport.  Its removal will support our route development strategy to attract such airlines to the Airport.
“I am confident that new services will commence on the back of this decision by the Council”.

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