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Innovation Club returns to Pool Innovation Centre

Following the success of the first Innovation Club in December 2015, a second event has been planned for Thursday 25 February 2016 providing an ongoing forum for learning and discussion around innovation.

Brought to life by Cornwall Chamber, Cornwall Innovation and GAIN with Plymouth University, Innovation Club is a new way to bring businesses together to discuss and explore innovation as a driver for business success.

The first event proved popular with the delegates, who heard from successful local businesses who shared experiences of using innovation to overcome challenges that they may also be facing. 

Over 60 people are already booked to attend this second Innovation Club, which will take place at Pool Innovation Centre on Thursday 25 February from 8.30am - 10.00amPlaces are free and numbers are limited so booking in advance is encouraged. 

The February Innovation Club will welcome three inspiring and insightful speakers and provide opportunities to ask questions and debate innovation issues. 

Paul Massey, Director of Bluefruit Software (world leaders in embedded technology), has been programming commercially since his teenage years. Starting his career with a work experience placement at a local engineering firm, he started his own business in 2000. Paul will bring his insight of creating an innovative culture in a small business. 

Mike McMillan, CEO of NHS Innovations SW Ltd has a lifescience research background in the NHS followed by a commercial business working at one of the UKs leading technology organisations QinetiQ. Mike's experience of managing innovative ideas in an NHS context will have relevance to many businesses. 

Kim Conchie, Chief Executive of Cornwall Chamber, will be talking about innovation in his previous life in publishing. Kim founded Brass Tacks Publishing in 1986 and ran it until he sold the company to Chime Communications plc in 2000. Kim's experience of the industry during the internet explosion of the 1990s will have fascinating parallels for technology adoption today. 

Innovation Club is an informal gathering that will gives businesses the opportunity to hear innovation stories from successful local businesses and pick up hints and tips on how to make your business more innovative and successful.

Innovation Clubs are being hosted at Cornwall Innovation Centres, award-winning business acceleration centres in Cornwall operated by Plymouth University on behalf of Cornwall Council. 

The next Innovation Club event is at Pool Innovation Centre on Thursday 25 February 2016. Tickets for the event are free and businesses can obtained from:

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