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Sisters GAIN with Crowdfunding success.

Illogan based mumpreneurs Lucy Cox and Lerryn Ryall, sisters and founders of Halto, have been invited to join other South West businesses on the inaugural GAIN20 programme following a hugely successful Crowdfunder campaign.

The sisters used online platform, Crowdfunder, to raise funds for the manufacture of Halto; an innovative product designed to alleviate the neck pain cased by halter neck swimwear. Their 28 day campaign reached their £10,000 target within 18 days, with the help of Plymouth University’s GAIN progamme, who match funded £3000.


GAIN20 is a brand new network that will give the most innovative and exciting businesses in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset exclusive access to a unique series of opportunities and support over 12 months.


GAIN20 is unlike any other business network where business size or sector often determine entry. Access to the GAIN20 is predicated on the experiences, knowledge and skills of the entrepreneurs and their willingness to share their learning with other companies.

"Halto were chosen as they are successfully undertaking a number of really strong business activities that range from launching a new product on an international market and establishing a foreign manufacturing base to developing a strong brand identity," said Richard Adams, Corporate Projects Manager for Plymouth University, who is running GAIN20. 
"Lucy and Lerryn are true entrepreneurs who are extremely strong in areas of problem solving, sales, marketing and ambition. We are delighted that our Crowdfunding investment is encouraging others to help Halto reach its target."

Whilst the campaign has now reached its £10,000 target, the sisters are hoping to raise a further £5000 in the last 10 days of the campaign to enable them to set up a website and to support them in their international launch later this year.

“The support for our crowdfunding has been incredible” says Lerryn “We have had so many comments from people saying that they have suffered with this problem for years and that they can’t wait to receive their Halto so they can finally wear the swimwear that they love, pain free.
“Very simply, Halto provides a soft silicone cushion beneath the straps on the back of the neck, providing protection from the ‘cheese wire effect’ of the straps and knot, that can leave the wearer with bruising, red marks, rubbing and headaches. Its firm core helps to distribute weight more evenly over a slightly larger area, meaning that the pain caused by these garments is dramatically reduced."

GAIN (The Growth Acceleration and Investment Network) exists to accelerate the creation, growth and investment in high quality businesses and business ideas in the South West. GAIN drives economic growth by harnessing the knowledge, skills and facilities of higher education, linking these to business.


Connecting Plymouth University with businesses, GAIN provides access to new business and growth opportunities, finance and investment, and world class knowledge and research facilities and equipment. Working with Crowdfunder, GAIN has established GAIN20 to boost enterprise and innovation across the region.


GAIN20 members will have exclusive access to networking groups and events, Plymouth University facilities, equipment and knowledge and peer-to-peer support from the other members. They will be introduced to a community of established, passionate pathfinder businesses who have achieved sustained growth through innovation or diversification. Members will also have the opportunity to promote themselves through blogs, diaries and articles published on


Lucy has expressed her enthusiasm at the news: 

We are thrilled to be accepted as one of the GAIN20. The support and advice that we will benefit from are invaluable and will help us to reach our full potential as a company.

Crowdfunding works by asking people to pledge amounts of money in exchange for specific rewards. Lucy and Lerryn have been offering people the opportunity to pre-order their Halto, meaning that the orders give them enough money to fund the first round of manufacture.


To find out more about Halto or to pledge on their campaign visit

You can follow news and updates about the GAIN20 network on Twitter at #GAIN20.

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