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Business Finance Network Devon & Somerset

Contacts Andrew Lightfoot / Andrea Pyle
07442 011583 / 01823 444924

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Devon Businesses, please contact Andrew Lightfoot - Telephone 07442 01158   Email:

Somerset Businesses, please contact Andrea Pyle - Telephone 01823 444924

The South West Investment Group has been invited to lead on establishing this Network, building on the evolving Devon Business Finance Partnership. 

The main aims of the Network are: 
Awareness: opportunities will be provided for businesses and business support bodies to learn more about the features of the various sources of finance, how to apply and the implications for future servicing; 
Understanding: more structured learning opportunities will be offered and vigorously promoted to improve the level of financial literacy amongst SME owners and managers and those who advise them. 
Information: through the digital exchange service, the principal sources of business finance will be listed, with web links. An ‘investment escalator’ will be an on line tool to help businesses identify what are likely to be the most relevant sources of finance to their scale, type and stage of development. 
Co-operation: sharing of intelligence and joint working will be encouraged both within and between the sources of finance and business support bodies. 
Development: flowing from the above and associated work to accumulate further evidence of demand, steps will be taken to increase relevant sources of business finance. Immediate priorities relate to equity and the social investment market.

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As well as the context provided by GAIN, the finance network is being created with the benefit of the connections made through the Devon Business Finance Partnership. During the second half of 2013, this Partnership has linked over 90 organisations and in excess of 100 people who are engaged in business support and provision of finance, including the main stream banks and alternative sources, accountants, solicitors, business support organisations and a range of business networks, including Innovation Centres, work hubs and Chambers of Commerce. Discussions within this Partnership have helped to provide the evidence for creation of the Business Finance Network and the immediate development priorities regarding equity and social investment. In brief, while demand certainly exceeds supply, currently there is substantial support provision for start up and growth businesses and debt finance for established companies. As at early 2014, the main gaps appear to be at either end of the spectrum, equity funds and the social investment market; however, in 2015, outside Cornwall, also there will be significant gaps in micro finance and CDFI type loans for SMEs unless new provision is attracted.

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