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Business Leaders for Low Carbon (BL4LC) is a dynamic group of like-minded individuals who share the same aim to ensure Cornwall can have a low carbon economy, and still be competitive in business. 

A voluntary group, members come from a diverse range of Cornish businesses with the aim of helping companies overcome the threat posed by rising energy costs, diminishing natural resources and increasing regulation.

We offer

In a world of rising energy costs, diminishing natural resources and increasing regulation, we need to ensure Cornish businesses remain well informed and enabled to effectively measure, manage and minimise their exposure to CO2, whilst maximising the potential opportunities presented by the transition to a low carbon economy. 

The Group’s current membership comprises senior managers and owners from a diverse range of Cornish businesses. The group's Executive Board, which meets quarterly, has over 20 active members with 30 businesses represented. 

It's functions are: 
> Leadership: driving forward the low carbon agenda 
> Support delivery: develop, identify and prioritise opportunities 
> Peer to Peer Information Exchange: provide a robust voice for business and support behaviour change 
> Challenging/Championing/Communicating Acting in a proactive consultative role 
> Resourcing: deliver actions which are complementary to the continued development of Cornish businesses. 

The key priorities identified are: 
1. Support businesses in achieving energy efficiency savings and improved resilience. 2. Provide a robust challenge to public and private sector commitments and policies to support a ‘real’ transition to a low carbon economy. 
3. Maximise opportunities resulting from low carbon finance schemes and models which ‘de risk’ clean-tech / low carbon investments. 
4. Encourage and influence the development of an appropriate set of low carbon economic indicators and support the development of business and sector specific benchmarking tools. 
5. Coordinate and communicate the availability of existing projects and services to the business community, targeting 5000 businesses by end 2012

We support

  • Business Support
  • Specialists, Experts, Research
  • Networks
  • Cornwall


BL4LC has influenced and supported the delivery of a number of important outcomes, including:

> Field trips, such as one to Cornish Orchards. 
> Sustainable energy breakfast events aimed at businesses and organised in partnership with accountancy firm Winter Rule. 
> Low carbon business case studies. 
> Cornwall Carbon Navigator an overview of low carbon projects and programmes taking place in Cornwall, including business support and available finance. 
> A free carbon literacy e-learning resource to help both public and private sector employees understand climate change, greenhouse gases and carbon footprinting. > Online Carbon Calculator allowing businesses to measure, manage and minimise the impact of business activities on the environment and reduce their energy costs. 

For more information about BL4LC please email the Chairman, Des Prouse, on

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