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About us

Buzzbnk is a crowdfunding website which enables social entrepreneurs and social ventures to raise funds and build a crowd of supporters. The idea of Buzzbnk first came from Michael Norton who had a vision about empowering positive people to back bright ideas by tapping into their social networks. Our key propositions: 

> Support exciting social ventures. Buzzbnk ventures are delivering exciting social benefits in a wide variety of fields from social welfare and community development through to education and environment. Many are emerging social enterprises pursuing innovative goals that are ‘under the radar’ for traditional giving. 
> Get back in more ways than one. Buzzbnk encourages ventures to provide their supporters with a range of fun and exciting benefits and rewards. Returns are in the form of goods or services, revenue participation, and possibly even the return of their money once the venture has achieved success. 
> Become involved in a more personal way by offering the venture your skills, your time, by taking part in events and becoming advocates for the venture and letting others in your own social networks know about the venture. 
> Make the money go further. Supporters are able to use the funds they get in return for their support (either via loan or revenue participation) towards other exciting social ventures they chose to support. 
> Harness the power of the internet with its ability to reach and engage beyond people’s immediate networks and integrate social media to build a crowd of supporters to bring change in the world. 

Buzzbnk launched in the UK in January 2011. Buzzbnk is committed to the furtherance of social enterprise and supporting social entrepreneurs in achieving their aims. In furtherance of this, Buzzbnk seeks to provide the best and most secure service for its clients and for supporters who are using Buzzbnk to support a social venture. Buzzbnk is also mindful of its wider responsibilities towards helping create a better world, and to this extent it seeks wherever possible to use suppliers who not only provide services of a satisfactory quality and price, but who also share the vision of helping create a better world through social enterprise and strive to operate in an environmentally and socially responsible way.

We offer

Buzzbnk is an on-line crowd-funding platform bringing social ventures looking for start-up or growth capital together with like-minded people keen to participate in a new way of funding social change. Funds can be raised in a variety of ways, from offering fun and engaging benefits, in return for goods or services, or as a loan.

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What Benefits Does Buzzbnk offer if you are considering to launch a crowdfunding campaign? 

> Upfront support to help you design and build your crowdfunding campaign. -
> Our "Milestone" concept which helps you break down your target into realistic stepping stones towards your overall goal (you keep all funds raised if you reach at least your 1st milestone, it works like a tipping point). 
> If you are a UK Registered Charity we can offer a fully automated collection of Gift Aid for those projects and benefits which are applicable. 
> Its YOUR campaign - we don't set any limits on how long you can fundraise for and as you reach each milestone you are welcome to extend your fundraising period to aim for that next big goal. 
> We have one of the lowest card transaction fees in the sector - only 2% for credit cards and only 37 pence for Debit Cards. We offer multiple ways for your supporters to pay - including by cheque or bank transfer for amounts of £500 or more. 
> We have a Gift Certificate function so that you can encourage your network to buy Gift Certificates in your project for family and friends. 
> Off-line contributions. Have you raised a significant amount off-line and want to reflect that in your target? Given the most important thing for us is that you can achieve your positive outcome, we are happy to book that contribution and will not charge you a commission fee on it. (Hope it is okay but to be fair to all, we will ask you for some proof of the contribution that it is going towards your project, such as a grant letter you have received). 
> As Buzzbnk is a Social Enterprise and a member of Social Enterprise UK we will give you a shout out on twitter for using Buzzbnk as part of the #BuySocial campaign.

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