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Carbon Trust

4th Floor Dorset House, 27-45 Stamford Street, London, SE1 9NT
+44 (0)20 7832 4802

About us

The Carbon Trust is a world-leading organisation helping businesses, governments and the public sector to accelerate the move to a sustainable, low carbon economy through carbon reduction, energy-saving strategies and commercialising low carbon technologies.

We offer

Our mission is to tackle climate change by accelerating the move to a sustainable, low carbon economy that delivers jobs and wealth. 

We can help organisations put sustainability at the heart of their business strategy and gain a competitive advantage in the market. By stimulating low carbon action we contribute to green goals, including the lowering of carbon emissions, the development of low carbon businesses, increased energy security and job creation. 

Our experts, drawn from a range of backgrounds and nationalities, can help your organisation contribute to the battle against climate change by reducing your carbon emissions and costs as well as identifying growth and revenue opportunities. 

Low carbon building plans 
We have more than a decade of experience. Created in 2001, we have developed into a world-leading and trusted expert in low carbon issues and strategies, carbon footprinting and low carbon technology development and deployment. 

We offer more than 10 years of unparalleled experience in the low carbon sector. So far, our work has saved our clients £5billion in energy costs and cut our customers' carbon emissions by 53.5Mt

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Our team of business and environment experts works with companies to reduce their carbon footprint, cut energy costs and gain a strategic competitive advantage. We identify the business case for putting sustainability at the heart of an organisation and demonstrate how this delivers shareholder value. 

We have worked with many large and medium sized businesses, from those just starting their low carbon journey to those who are leading the field in terms of product, supply-chain and business model innovation. 

How we can help 
We provide a comprehensive service tailored to your company's business needs. Our consultants look at the environmental impact of your entire business, from the supply chain to its customers. 

We also identify the broader business opportunities from the move to a low carbon economy. 

Examples of the support we can offer your organisation include: 
> Business model innovation 
> Corporate sustainability strategy 
> Supply-chain carbon strategy 
> Carbon disclosure audit 
> Organisational carbon footprint reporting & certification 
> Support with Mandatory Carbon Reporting (MCR) and Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Submissions 
> Green investment appraisal 
> Identification of green growth opportunities 
> Consumer and supplier carbon analytics 
> Footprinting product rules and sector guidance 
> Change management and employee engagement 
> Waste measurement and management as part of an environmental resources strategy 
> Water usage measurement and management as part of an environmental resources strategy. 

We also offer services for organisations based in Wales and Northern Ireland. We will identify where efficiencies can be made and how your business can take advantage of low carbon opportunities.

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