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Cornwall Food & Drink

Chapel View Farm, Coombe Lane, Bissoe, Truro, TR4 8RE
01872 865101

About us

To anyone who knows Cornwall it shouldn’t come as any surprise that the county has a huge reputation for food and drink and, with so much talent in the region, the food scene is absolutely buzzing! 

We’re lucky enough to work with some of the best people and the finest products you’ll find anywhere in the world. We harness all the collective energy of those diverse and talented people and businesses and create exciting events, campaigns and initiatives both within and outside Cornwall that no business would be able to tackle independently. 

We also work with businesses one-to-one to help make sure they’re ready to seize every opportunity and able to reach their potential. Better business is our mantra. So if you produce or create great food in Cornwall or the Isles of Scilly, we can shout about it, keep you in touch, help you when you need it and, let’s not beat about the bush, build your bottom line. 

If you supply goods or services to food or drink businesses and want a smart marketing and networking portal, you’ve come to the right place too. Take a look around our website to discover what business services we provide and what our membership schemes have to offer.

We offer

Business Services:
To help businesses develop we offer a range of professional services and it doesn’t matter whether you produce food and drink or sell it – we can help. You don’t have to be a member to make use of our services either, but members benefit from reduced rates and priority attention. Our professional services are available to any food or drink business in Cornwall or the Isles of Scilly. 

The Cornwall Food & Drink team builds strong relationships and gets to really understand each business’s needs. Our professionalism, integrity and attention to detail are guaranteed. Where we can’t help, it’s almost certain that we’ll know someone who can from our network of Service Provider members and contacts. 

Here’s our range of professional services: 
• Market Analytics - We’ll help you separate the wheat from the chaff. 
• Event Management - We’ve been there and got the T-shirt; we can make events work. 
• Project Management - We can support your project or be your project manager. We help projects achieve their intended purpose and get completed on time and on budget. 
• Marketing and Promotion - We know the movers and shakers. We can build your brand, produce your first marketing plan, launch a new product or develop your long-term strategy as well as executing PR work. We don’t have the scale of resources to be your permanent PR agency but can point you in the direction of those who do. 
 • Copywriting - We can check or write copy for press releases, websites and promotional materials – whatever it is you need to say, we’ll help you say it effectively. 
• Business development services - Grants? Finance? Bids? Business plans? Or maybe you need to re-think your strategy? We can help you with the paperwork and planning to get that extra resource or improve your bottom line. 
• Critical friend - Sometimes you just need someone to sense-check your ideas and assure you that you’re not bonkers. We like nothing better than being that third party confirmation that you’re on the right track but we’ll also be honest and tell you if we think you’re not. A little constructive feedback could save you a lot of time and money.

We support

  • Business Support
  • Specialists, Experts, Research
  • Networks
  • Skills
  • Cornwall


Member Benefits Food and Drink Membership, £195 + VAT pa. 
Benefits include: 
•Priority booking and discounted fees for our annual Cornwall Food & Drink Festival which regularly attracts over 40,000 visitors. 
• Priority booking and discounted fees for our other events – shows, media events, seminars and networking. 
• Member exclusivity for events and activities where places are limited. 
• Opportunity to participate in our Trade Development activities, opening up new markets and demystifying the routes to market. 
• Free member listing in our Meet our Members on-line directory. 
• Inclusion of your news and events in our News and What’s On pages, a valuable resource used by journalists, other businesses and foodlovers. 
• Priority for media opportunities from press, TV and radio enquiries. 
• Inclusion in our own marketing and PR activity local, national and beyond the UK. • The opportunity to network with like-minded businesses at our member get-togethers. 
• Unlimited use of our in-house professional services at an exclusive day rate of £300 + VAT. 
• Regular updates and information about industry news, forthcoming events, training and business opportunities. 
• Discounts and offers on services from our service providers and partner organisations. 
• Use of the Cornwall Food & Drink logo. 

Service Provider Membership, £100 + VAT pa. Benefits include: 
• A free member listing in our Meet our Members on-line directory. 
• Inclusion of your relevant news and events in our News and What’s On pages, a valuable resource used by journalists, other businesses and foodlovers. 
• Priority booking and preferential rates for any Cornwall Food & Drink events and networking opportunities for service providers. 
• Priority for sponsorship opportunities, both in and outside Cornwall. 
• Priority, and often exclusivity, for involvement in food and drink sector seminars and networking events, e.g. as a presenter, judge, venue, chairperson, trainer. • Regular updates and information about industry news, forthcoming events, training and business opportunities. 
• Discounts on services from other service providers and partner organisations. 

If you’d like to enjoy all of these fantastic member benefits simply sign up online today and we’ll be in touch. Non-Members Non-members can still take part in some of our events and promotional activities and use our professional services, but will not be eligible for the special rates and priority that members receive. 

If you don’t want to become a member but would still like to find out about industry news, events and other opportunities why not sign up to our e-newsletter?

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