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Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum

13a Kenwyn Street, Truro, Cornwall TR1 3DJ
01872 241584

About us

Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum (CVSF) is an umbrella organisation for voluntary and community organisations. Our aim is to work with others to create a thriving voluntary sector that effectively serves Cornwall and its people.

Membership is open any voluntary and community sector organisation working or based in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, including social enterprises. It is free to be a member, and members give us our mandate by shaping the direction of the charity at our AGM and by electing our Trustees.

We offer

We do a wide variety of work, but it is all covered under four broad headings: –

For our voluntary sector members: -

Advocacy – We can help you get your voice heard by important decisions-makers, for example through the VCS Commissioning Board.

Brokerage – We can help you work with other organisations and overcome problems and conflict, for example through our work with the Cornwall Compact.

Communications – We can keep you informed of opportunities and important developments for the voluntary sector, through our comprehensive voluntary sector news service.

Development – We can help identify new opportunities for voluntary organisations, for example through our Convergence Matters project.

For the public sector: -

• Advocacy – We are a gateway to the voluntary sector, and can help you access the views of the voluntary sector on key issues.

Brokerage – We can develop collaborative working between the public and voluntary sectors, and mediate conflict through the Cornwall Compact.

Communications – We can keep you informed of what’s going on in the voluntary sector through our news service.

Development – We can identify how the voluntary sector could solve your problems, for example through our work with the VCS Commissioning Board

We support

  • People
  • Networks
  • Skills
  • Cornwall


The Voluntary and Community Sector Knowledge Bank provides an up to date information directory of the services available to the sector.

The Knowledge Bank is regularly updated, and compiled from many different local sources to ensure it covers all aspects of operating a charity, social enterprise or community group in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Visit the Knowledge Bank.

If you are a VSF member and would like to gain access to the Knowledge Bank, please click here to have your log in details emailed to you.


Designed specifically for organisations and groups in the voluntary and community sector, these are affordable and beneficial services that would not normally be accessible to groups in Cornwall. 

Choose from:

Communications Services

We all like to chat to our members and find out the latest news but are you doing it frequently enough?

And are you doing it the most effective way?

Cornwall VSF can take care of this for you. We offer a range of services that you can pick and choose from to make your own bespoke Communications Package.

Choose from:

Social Networking – We will make sure your Twitter followers and Facebook friends are up to date with the latest information and news from your organisation.

Press Release writing – Your event or news will be presented in a concise and interesting press release, ready for the media to use in print or online.

• An E-newsletter (monthly, weekly or bi-annually) – A regular e-newsletter is a great way to keep in contact with your members without the costs of postage and printing. We’ll compile all your news and information into a PDF, complete with your branding, ready to be delivered to your member’s inbox. We can even send out the email and report the statistics back to you if you wish.

• Surveys – Have you ever wished you could gather together the ideas and needs of your membership? A survey is the best way to do this. We will work with you to compile the most effective list of questions and will then host your survey for you and report the results back to you at an agreed date.

• Copy Writing – If you struggle to find the right words, let us do the talking for you. We can write copy for web, publication or promotional material.

Jobs Advertisement – The recruitment market is extremely competitive at the moment especially in the voluntary and community sector and our website is one of the places those seeking employment head to. We can advertise your job for a fixed period, promote it through our social networks and daily news bulletin and then report back to you on how many potential employees viewed your job. Plus, if you don’t manage to fill your position, we will re-advertise it for you for free.

Business Review

Do you struggle to give a concise overview of your organisation when needed?

Do you need help presenting your organisation to funders?

Our experienced team will turn the information you provide into a clear, concise and visual Business Review.
It will be 3-4 pages long (we have found these to be the most effective) and will be divided into sections which will include your organisations aims, objectives, achievements and future plans.
Most importantly, it will be a fantastic tool for your organisation to use again and again when joining consortiums, promoting your work or applying for funding.

Rapid Evaluation

Evaluating your organisations’ project or service will help you to gain insight into what you do, enabling you to reflection on the difference you are making for users and through learning from the results, help you to make better decisions about the future. We have developed the Rapid Evaluation Service for VCS organisations’ who are interested in having a brief yet professional evaluation of their project or service at the fraction of the time and cost which is often required for a lengthy full scale evaluation.
Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum will use the information your organisation has available as well as speaking to funders, stakeholders, staff, volunteers and your project or service users, ensuring that your evaluation is insightful and useful.

The Rapid Evaluation Service

• focuses on the impact of your service on users and beneficiaries and what changes for them as a result of your work

• is an evaluation approach which draws on multiple evaluation methods and techniques performed in a short period of time

• uses a standardized methodology that can be applied serially and facilitates knowledge across programs

• is a manageable and adaptable tool that can be used to evaluate a large variety of projects and services.

Evaluating what you do is a great way to acknowledge and celebrate achievements. Whether you are good, improving or reflective, understanding where you are in your development is a positive path to follow.

Governance Review

Are you aware that it is the duty of all trustees to run their organisation to ensure its funds are used properly, fairly and economically? Also trustees need to ensure that they are protected from allegations of poor management and be confident that they are doing all they can to further the objectives of the organisation.

Getting Governance right is essential for an efficient, effective and healthy Community or Voluntary Group. Cornwall VSF has developed its Governance Review to help your management committee, trustees and/or directors to ensure they are compliant with good practice, new developments and are functioning in the best way possible.

The Governance Review will enable you to meet with an experienced expert who will then provide a written report specific to your organisation and covering:

• A checklist of your practices against recommended good practice

• Comments on aspects of building the governance team, agreeing aims, reviewing legal structure, roles and responsibilities, relationships between committee and staff, effective meetings, opportunities for collaboration, monitoring and evaluation, and use of funding strategy

• Advancing your thinking on governance issues and development

• Recommendations of activities and support available to strengthen and reinforce your governance for the future.

Every Voice Matters

A user voice service that helps you prove you listen to and involve your users in service improvement.

This service has been designed to help you prove your users are the focus of your activities by recording feedback from them on how well you are meeting their needs and expectations.

If you are an organisation that delivers services to people or other organisations, your users should be the focus of your activities.

Every Voice Matters will ensure that you are delivering your objectives effectively, and that your users continue to re-engage and speak highly of you to other, potential users. Increasingly, funders and commissioning bodies want to see that you gather feedback from your users, and act on it when designing and improving services.

How will we do it?

We will be speaking to your users about how well they think your organisation is doing in two ways:

  • Quantitative – using methods such as online surveys
  • Qualitative – using in depth methods such as interviews and focus groups to allow users more freedom in their answers resulting in a detailed understanding of the issue in question.

What we’ll need from you

  • An initial meeting
  • Information about your governance structure, your users or membership, the services you provide
  • Access to your database of contacts

For more information about the Every Voice Matters service (including prices), click here. 

For more information about any of these services, call 01872 241584 or click here.

To view a price list of the services available, click here.

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