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Creative England

1st Floor, College House, 32-36 College Green, Bristol, BS1 5SP
0844 824 6042

About us

Creative England invests in and supports creative ideas, talent and businesses in film, TV, games and digital media. 

We aim to grow the brightest, the best, and those with the most promise so that individuals and businesses can achieve their full creative and commercial potential. We help identify future opportunities to grow the economy and generate jobs. 

With offices in Salford, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Nottingham, Pinewood and Elstree, we are a national organisation with strong local and regional links.

We offer

What we do: 
-> Grow talent and businesses
-> Address market failure and raise ambition 
-> Build the right climate for creative industries to thrive 

Why we do it: 
Because England’s creative businesses are already a big success. They generate jobs, profile and value. They drive innovation. We can help raise their ambition further  But some are under-capitalised and under-skilled. They need better access to mentoring, infrastructure, business planning, finance, markets, new ideas and wider networks. We help provide it and because there is a damaging inequality of access to these things between London and the rest of the country, talent is wasted, opportunities are lost. We believe London’s world position should benefit the whole country

We support

  • Avon
  • Business Support
  • Specialists, Experts, Research
  • Money
  • People
  • Technology
  • Networks
  • Skills
  • Investment
  • Cornwall
  • Somerset


We don’t just invest money; we provide a ‘money plus’ service. 

We are building strong, long-term relationships with industry and our partners. 

We provide practical support for film and TV production; organise networking and events; provide mentoring, information and business advice. 

We connect and combine local knowledge with national and international reach. 

We help grow talent and businesses.

We help secure a sustainable infrastructure of support for creative companies outside London.

We identify new and expanding markets for creative content.

We promote the creative talent of the English regions to the world.

We champion the economic and cultural contribution of the creative industries.

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