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Duchy College

Stoke Climsland, Callington, Cornwall PL17 8PB
0845 458 7485

About us

Duchy College Rural Business School is at the cutting edge of positive development in rural industry. It is the goal of the Rural Business School to provide an innovative service to local and regional communities by supporting businesses and creating jobs.  
As a result, we have a team of training co-ordinators and research staff with specialist knowledge of the industry, who apply their expertise to a number of rural development projects and initiatives. We also work with other land-based colleges and training providers to ensure that our training opportunities are offered at venues across the region, providing first-hand specialist knowledge and technical support where it matters. These companies and organisations form a vital part of our network, ensuring that we have up-to-date knowledge of the training and research requirements of our industry.

The Rural Business School operates from the two Duchy College sites at Stoke Climsland and Rosewarne in Cornwall. The sites offer superb teaching, training and conference facilities in accessible yet rural surroundings attached to working farms. We are committed to putting the learner and sustainable, healthy advancement of rural business first and are regularly audited through both our project funders and as part of Cornwall College Group through Ofsted.

We offer

The Rural Business School is open to all and encourages individuals, businesses, trainers and training providers within the rural sector to become involved in the work we undertake.

We support

  • Business Support
  • Specialists, Experts, Research
  • Skills
  • Cornwall


"The Peninsula Partnership for the Rural Environment is an important collaboration between four major institutions in the South West, designed to deliver more for agriculture and the rural environment. 

Individually all of the institutions are very highly regarded in their particular fields. Each has an impressive record of service to the land-based industries and the rural sector. Together, the partnership is a powerful force for and in the South West. 
For stakeholders in the rural environment, it provides wider and exceptional expertise and more resources across more disciplines. PPRE stands as a unique, valuable resource for farming, food and the wider rural economy well beyond its immediate area, with its disciplines and skills in demand across the UK and beyond."

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