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Top Floor, 11-15 Dixs Field, Exeter, Devon, EX1 1QA
01392 430528

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Forward 25 Careers was founded in 2009 by Rupa Chilvers, who is passionate about workforce development, using information to make decisions, and watching aspirations come true. The company was formed with the help of Ellie Spencer and Milan Recknagel who were working with us at the time of formation. Their input was significant in shaping the organisation to what it is today. Since then, we have met and worked with a lot of wonderful people and companies, and we continue to build on the fantastic projects, ideas and inputs we have had over the years. Every part of our company has been in some way informed by or developed with the people who have come to us on work experience and all those who spared a moment to help us think through the challenges. We started at The Innovation Centre, University of Exeter Campus and are now based in the best coworking space in Exeter, The Generator

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We found a gap in the help that is available for people who are looking for work or direction for their future career in the knowledge economy. We understand that businesses and employers are busy making the day to day operations run smoothly, and that smaller organisations cannot easily find the time or resources to support those who are new to or re-entering the sector. We started by providing work experience, then we tailored it to meet the CV gap, and then we partnered with the best co-working space in Exeter to open up project opportunities. This was the start and now we have formed the mission of promoting equity in knowledge workforce development which has wider benefits for the economy and the community. We have since worked on a lot of other exciting projects including Launch48 and Corkscrew. If you would like to find out more about what we are up to, get in touch.

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Talent and skills can be lost to the local economy through unemployment and lack of participation in the economy for those who want to be active. With a little bit of support, the right policies and mindset, we can make sure this does not happen at all. We have worked directly with young and the not so young looking for work, having lost the opportunity to pursue the career of their interest because of the barriers they faced. We have changed this with our small projects and big attitudes. Forward 25 Careers is a registered CIC (Community Interest Company) which works closely with sponsors and donors to fund our community work. We are continuously grateful to our sponsors, partners, and supporters and all the individuals who have given valuable time, space and effort to help us and the young people who have worked with us.

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