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39 George Place, Plymouth. Devon, PL1 3DX
0800 028 5699

About us

According to lenders and investment managers, many business owners and new entrepreneurs lack the in-depth knowledge and experience to access the right funding to move their firms forward. 

We are here to help you understand all your options, discover what’s available and what’s right for you. 

We will roll our sleeves up and work with you to develop strong proposals and get you in front of the people with the money, whether it’s for a small business loan or a grant for business investment. 

From sourcing start-up funding for new ventures to helping existing businesses looking to grow, the programme can help you at whatever stage you are currently at. 

We can quickly tell you whether you are eligible, and if you’re not, we’ll be pleased to introduce you to other organisations who offer a similar free service.

We offer

There are two ways we can work with you: either starting with one of our five practical workshops and then following up with personal advice, or directly through one-to-one advice and coaching. 

Usually, clients benefit by starting with the workshop series first, where you will meet others like you and benefit from peer-to-peer support.

Workshops include:

> Money Matters (find out about the different types of commercial funding available)

> Fit for Finance (how to construct a business plan to present to potential funders) 

> Money Sense (how to tackle cash flow forecasts and profit & loss) 

> Pricing for Profit (pricing has the biggest impact on your profit - find out how to maximise your profitability) 

> Keeping your Business on Track (tips on how to get more customers, get them to spend more, more often and put processes in place to monitor the performance of your business).

We support

  • Business Support
  • Money



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