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Plymouth Manufacturers Group

23 Nursery Close, Tamerton Foliot, Plymouth, PL5 4QG
01752 795034

About us

Plymouth Manufacturers' Group (or 'PMG') is an informal network of manufacturing companies from across the Plymouth Travel-to-Work-Area. Our membership includes household names like: The Wrigley Company, Kawasaki and Ginsters (Samworth Bros). Also, major local employers such as Babcock Marine with its three hundred year heritage of ship building and ship repair at the dockyard in Devonport.

For more information about PMG, please take a look at our introductory presentation.

We offer

We provide a convenient means of interchange of information, experience and opinion between members and matters affecting the interests of their companies and their employees.

We encourage and assist in the orderly development of industry in the Plymouth area.

We provide a channel of communication between members of the Group, local authorities and other appropriate organisations

We support

  • Avon
  • Specialists, Experts, Research
  • People
  • Networks


Collectively, the PMG membership employs over twelve thousand staff in the Plymouth travel-to-work-area and has a combined turnover of approx. £1.6bn. Despite its decline in recent years, manufacturing remains an important part of the UK and Plymouth economies. Plymouth has the greatest proportion of manufacturing and engineering jobs of any large city in England, south of the Midlands.The total gross value added (or ‘GVA’) of Plymouth’s manufacturing sector was updated in 2014 to reveal it was worth £718m in 2011. That eclipses the previous high of £705m in 2001. Plymouth’s manufacturing sector is worth more (in terms of GVA) than either the whole of the same sector in Cornwall (£644m) or even, perhaps surprisingly, its larger regional neighbour Bristol (£654m). The GVA for Plymouth’s total economy is worth just a smidgen over £4.5bn. That means that manufacturing accounts for almost 16% of the whole economy.

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