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School for Social Entrepreneurs - Dartington

2nd Floor, The Fire Station, 139 Tooley Street, London, SE1 2HZ
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About us

The School for Social Entrepreneurs was founded in 1997 by Michael Young, (Lord Dartington) and so it made perfect sense that there was a school to continue the social enterprise initiative here. 

Since 2009 the Dartington SSE has produced tailor-made courses designed to provide an intensive complete package to meet the needs of the new social entrepreneur, plus to help existing businesses expand their social entrepreneurial side.  
The Dartington School for Social Entrepreneurs is located within the stunning setting of Dartington Hall. We run many of our course sessions from here but also from locations all around the South West. We continue to strive to give our students as much variety as possible, whilst also taking advantage of the vast array of business resources that we have in Devon. 

Dartington Hall was founded by Dorothy and Leonard Elmhirst in the 1920's as an experiment for rural generation. They believed in trying new innovative approaches to farming, education and the arts - a philosophy that continues to this day. 

The charity now has three main areas of expertise: 

The Arts - the estate continues to hold regular exhibitions, festivals and events for a full arts programme, 

Sustainability - the world renowned Schumacher College continues to lead the way in environmental, sustainable and social education and 

Social Justice - the department that aims to build capacity for fairness, for people to reach their full potential, and that lead the way for social change. 

The Dartington School for Social Entrepreneurs is proud to be part of this innovative programme.

We offer

Whether you want a full programme of support to start a social enterprise or a one day workshop on sources of funding, The School For Social Entrepreneurs has a course to meet your needs. 

Lloyds Bank and Bank of Scotland Social Entrepreneurs Programme - If you've got an idea for a project to improve your local community, this programme can help make it happen. We're offering a fully funded year of learning and a grant to help you get started on a new idea or scale up an existing social enterprise. 

During the programme you will develop as a leader and obtain the skills needed to take your organisation to the next stage. 

The programme is split into Start Up and Scale Up. Both programmes offer: 

> A fully funded 14 day learning programme; 
> A grant (either £4,000 or £15,000); 
> A mentor from Lloyds Bank/ Bank of Scotland. 

Start Up will get your new project or idea off to a flying start. Scale Up will help you grow an established social enterprise.

We support

  • Avon
  • Business Support
  • Specialists, Experts, Research
  • People
  • New Business
  • Networks
  • Skills


When you come on a course at the School for Social Entrepreneurs, it will be different to any course that you have previously been on. 

Our courses are practical, rather than theoretical, and you will be able to apply what you learn to your own organisation straight away. We won't teach you. Instead you will hear from practitioners and experts who will share their experiences with you, both good and bad. You will leave full of ideas for developing your organisation and with an action plan for implementing them. 

You won't be bored! Our courses are lively, full of inspiration and as jargon free as possible. You won't be sat in a room listening to hours of Powerpoint presentations, but you will have the opportunity to question, to interact and to network with speakers and participants. You will leave inspired, re-energised and more confident in your role.

We know that our approach works! 93% of students on our Start Up programme feel the course has made them a more effective social entrepreneur and 100% of participants on our 2013 one day workshops rated them either good or extremely good.

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