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About us

Dartington is an independent charitable organisation, trading ethically and sustainably as a social enterprise in order to fund our pioneering work. Today, working in partnership with pioneering thinkers, teachers, artists and social entrepreneurs, we: 

•Set up our own initiatives and programmes, building on our skills, resources and heritage 
•Offer the time, space and stimulation for others to develop and test promising ideas 
•Inspire a wide community of artists, thinkers and activists through our work and the exceptional environment we provide

We offer

The Dartington School for Social Entrepreneurs is located within the stunning setting of Dartington Hall. 

Since 2009 the Dartington SSE has produced tailor-made courses designed to support social entrepreneurs, plus to help existing businesses expand their social entrepreneurial side. They believed in trying new innovative approaches to farming, education and the arts - a philosophy that continues to this day. The charity now has three main areas of expertise. 

The Arts - the estate continues to hold regular exhibitions, festivals and events for a full arts programme, Sustainability - the world renowned Schumacher College continues to lead the way in environmental, sustainable and social education and Social Justice - the department that aims to build capacity for fairness, for people to reach their full potential, and that lead the way for social change. 

Schumacher College has an enviable reputation for cutting-edge learning for people from all over the world, of all ages and backgrounds who have been inspired and encouraged to act, by our 20 years of transformative courses for sustainable living. Our work is to inspire, challenge and question ourselves as co-inhabitants of the world, to ask the questions we all struggle to find answers to and to find sound knowledge, intuition and wonder in our search for solutions. 

"We bring together the leading thinkers, activists and practitioners internationally, to deliver a unique brand of small group learning experiences. 

This learning takes place in the classroom, the gardens, the kitchen – it pervades everything we do."

We support

  • Business Support
  • People
  • New Business
  • Skills


We work in partnership with others to deliver change in three areas: 

Food and Farming - exploring new ways to feed ourselves sustainably. 

Jobs and Homes - helping to create sustainable jobs and better places to live. 

Enriching Lives - supporting the arts and encouraging wellbeing.

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