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UK Business Angels Association

Pinners Hall, 105-108 Old Broad Street, London, EC2N 1EX
020 7628 7222

About us

The UK Business Angels Association is the national trade association representing angel and early stage investment in the UK. (England, Wales and Northern Ireland).

It has superseded the BBAA and was re-launched in its new strengthened role in July 2012. Each year private investors account for between £800 million and £1 billion of early stage investment in the UK – the single largest source of early stage capital in this country.

The angel community in the UK is also very diverse reflecting a range of different models and approaches including angel networks, small groups and syndicates; super angels; individual investors and new models such as accelerators. The UK Business Angels Association represents and connects all those involved in the angel investment market, including early stage VC funds, banks and also non traditional sources of finance, as well as advisers and intermediaries; policy makers and academics with a view to ensuring a coherent ecosystem for financing the growth of start-up and early stage businesses.

UK Business Angels Association is supported by strategic supporters and sponsors representing key players in the financial community being British Bankers Association, British Business Bank, Deloitte, EY, KPMG, Lloyds Banking Group, Nesta and PwC.

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The Trade Association has a number of roles:

> As the voice of the angel investment community to government, opinion formers and business leaders at national and international level, ensuring the continuing support and growth of the angel market.

> Raising awareness and promoting angel investment as an asset class for individuals with the financial capability and experience to invest in the growth of early stage businesses.

> Promoting good practice and establishing industry standards to strengthen and build the role and capacity of the angel investment community.

> As a resource of information and expertise on the Angel market, providing market intelligence, reflecting key trends and new developments, to improve understanding about angel investing for both investors, entrepreneurs and their advisers.

> Providing a forum to facilitate access to deal flow and enabling regular exchange and interaction between investors and all those engaged in the angel finance market, and facilitating a connected ladder of finance with all relevant sources of funding.

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Our website site is designed to provide access to information of relevance to all those interested in the angel and early stage investment marketplace, both for investors, entrepreneurs seeking investment and professional service providers, intermediaries, policymakers, academics.

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