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Urban Agenda SW

Flat 1, 52 Headland Park, North Hill, Plymouth, Devon, PL4 8HT
tel: 01752 672537 mob: 07970 909912

About us

An Environmental Scientist with a particular interest in the development of strategies, policies and management plans, I run Urban Agenda SW - an environmental support agency for companies looking to take the first steps towards a greener future. I specialise in sustainable development, climate change, low carbon economies and environmental resource use and have been closely involved with businesses across the city. 

Formerly employed by the Council, I am now seeking short, medium or long term commissions or, if possible, permanent jobs in the Plymouth area where I am already the Low Carbon Advisor to Burrington Business Park. I am also a Director of Growing Sustainable Futures, a sustainable education CIC, and a trustee of the Devon & Cornwall Food Association. I can also offer training on a wide range of environmental themes and can guide you through solutions to many of today's eco challenges.

We offer

186 Low Carbon Network 

The 186 Low Carbon Network was created in 2009 by a group of businesses concerned about the impact of environmental management demands. An independent network it provides advice and support from a wide range of perspectives but has a particular interest in low carbon technologies, energy, renewables and resource management. 

The network offers one to one links, seminars, workshops and training opportunities if suitable topics are identified. The network is currently hosted by Plymouth's Chamber of Commerce but is chaired by Jackie Young of Urban Agenda SW. The network responds to the concerns of its members; with seminars, events, training and other opportunities being organised to meet demand. Contacts can also be made to link like minded companies or to support the exchange of advice and best practice. The network does not encourage direct marketing but is able to promote related events and opportunities. 

The network is about problem solving, finding cost effective solutions, reassurance and confidence building. Businesses challenged by the ever changing world of environmental management - those seeking to respond to corporate policies, the themes and targets of corporate strategies, those tackling legal obligations or those responding to new legislation or risks (such as those posed by climate change). Savings can be made and advice on improved working practices, case studies and best practice can be exchanged. The network also has an extensive list of contacts so solutions can be found.

We support

  • Business Support
  • Specialists, Experts, Research
  • Networks



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