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First Floor, Stephenson House, Calenick Street, Truro, Cornwall, TR1 2SF
01392 911013

About us

Versio is part of the YTKO Group of companies, delivering intelligent business development, sales and marketing consultancy and implementation services for small and medium sized businesses who are looking to grow market share, revenues and profitability. 

Versio builds on YTKO Group’s long and award-winning track record in the private sector and on the successful enterprise, job creation and business growth support services that the Group delivers in the public sector. Other Group companies include Enterprising Women and Outset, while YTKO Group has a strong social ethos – around half our work is not for profit. 

At Versio, we pride ourselves in delivering measurable value and results for our clients, building trust and respect, and working together to take your business to the next level. With a well developed network across the UK, Europe and worldwide, Versio has the skills, experience and contacts to help you find international markets, collaboration partners, funding and opportunities for growing businesses. 

With over 30 years experience of working with thousands of businesses, we’ve also had to overcome the same challenges faced by every business owner. In our view, and that of our clients, nothing beats direct experience of what does and doesn’t work for SMEs; what’s critical and what can wait. That’s why Versio focuses on the three cornerstones that drive all business success: your customers, your people and your finances. 

The result of this foresight and experience is powerful strategies, practical solutions and services proven to deliver business growth, saving our clients both time and money.

We offer

Running and growing a business can be a constant balancing act between getting your people to perform, securing new, profitable orders and delivering quality products and services, getting paid and managing cash flow. With all this to think about, it can be tough to find time to think strategically and plan forward growth, let alone finance and execute it. 

At Versio, we’ve been through all of those challenges. We’ve also had ‘advisors’ who had never run a business themselves and ‘experts’ who knew less than we did. However, we know what we’re really good at. And we don’t sell what we can’t deliver. 

Our services are for businesses with the ambition and potential to grow, and they focus on three crucial areas: Customers, People and Finance. Business development, sales and marketing – the successful acquisition of new customers – is vital. And delivering this requires skilled, motivated people and well-managed finances.

We support

  • Business Support
  • Money
  • New Business


Through our Growth Programmes, we’ll improve your growth strategy and help you execute it through the right tactics. We’ll work on your business development function, improving impact, responses and sales. And we can prepare you to access finance to invest in your growth plans. 

The Intensive Growth Programme kick-starts the whole planning for growth process, exploring the options and models for growth, building capacity, and uncovering key barriers that need more focused attention. You’ll be in the company of a small matched peer group facing the same challenges, which brings significant additional benefits to small businesses. 

Our two-day programme is supplemented by 1:1 practical consultancy, execution and mentoring support, helping to build capacity and performance to achieve your business goals.

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