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Floors 3 and 4, Cobourg House, 32 Mayflower Street, Plymouth, Devon, PL1 1QX
0800 917 9262

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While our ultimate goal is to get people into employment, we see our overall role as much broader. Working across social spectrums, dealing with diverse needs and expectations, we offer valued and integrated services that truly meet the needs of our individual customers.

Take your business to the next level by employing the right people with the skills to suit your business.

We offer

Whether we're getting someone off benefits and into long-term employment, delivering Apprenticeships, or simply giving people the confidence to start their journey.
We can help with:

> Enterprise Coaching - thinking of becoming self-employed but not sure where to start? We’re here to help. Becoming self-employed can be an attractive way out of unemployment, and more and more people are doing it. Self-employment can enable you to do the job that you want, offer you flexible working hours, and give you the chance to be your own boss. Our specialist Enterprise Coaches are here to deliver coaching to people who would not otherwise consider setting up in business. In partnership with Outset Plymouth, we run a number of workshops and one-to-one coaching sessions to help individuals step-by-step into self-employment. We give you the help you need to set you on your way, including: an introduction to self-employment; opportunities to discuss your business ideas; and opportunities to meet other entrepreneurs.

> Tailored Recruitment Service - free of charge, you tell us exactly what you want from  your people, everything from what kind of training they may need to what hours they must work, then we tailor our service accordingly and ensure you receive exactly the right candidates. 
As part of our free employee recruitment service we will:
 - advertise your vacancy on the same day you give it to us
 - screen candidates so you only see people who are right for the job
 - give you an update within 24 hours and every day after that
 - provide you with space at our offices for you to interview candidates
 - prepare your candidates to make sure they understand your business

> Sector Specific / Bespoke Training - we will work with you to create training course which are based on your needs. They'll provide candidates with the specific skills they need to be successful in your business. These employee training and development courses are designed to be flexible so you can tailor them to suit your business. As well as providing training in sector specific skills, we also help customers with:
 - confidence building
 - health and Safety and First Aid certification
 - literacy, numeracy, language and IT skills
 - interview preparation

 > In-Work Placement Programme - by taking part in an in-work placement programme, you will benefit from finding the right person for a job before you recruit them, saving you time, money and stress. 
We’ll work with you to put together some selection criteria to help us find candidates with the right skills for your business. When we do they can work for you, in one of your current vacancies for one or two weeks as part of our in-work placement programme. By providing potential employees with in-work placements, you can assess their skills and if they’re right for your business.
We pre-screen all of our candidates so you’ll only see people who are right for the position. As a result of this thorough selection process the majority of candidates who complete in-work placements are offered interviews and then permanent positions at the end of their placement. 

Corporate Responsibility (CR) Strategy - want to be a responsible employer? Have you considered implementing a corporate responsibility strategy to address this and help you to grow your business?
Our latest research report ‘The Responsible Employer’ sets out the business benefits of Corporate Responsibility (CR) programmes that help people into work. The report sets out how, as more and more ‘green’ initiatives are being written into law, you can differentiate yourself as a responsible employer by engaging with employment programmes – making a positive impact on both your brand and reputation.

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  • New Business



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